Welcome to the University Interfaith Council at UT

The University Interfaith Council is an organization of campus religious leaders who meet to provide mutual support, to discuss issues and values relevant to our ministries at UT, and to facilitate common programs with each other and with UT Organizations and offices.

Membership is composed of religious leaders appointed by and responsible to their state and national denominational structure. Membership is also open to the staff of university area religious organizations assigned to campus ministry.

A large majority of campus religious leaders hold graduate degrees in theology, education, or counseling. Through our campus ministries we provide valuable services to thousands of UT students. These include worship, counseling, spiritual direction, leadership training, religious education, recreation, and volunteer opportunities.  Our mission and purpose is to provide services to students. Though we are organized on religious and denominational lines, our services and groups are offered to all students, faculty, and staff. Your campus religious leaders are valuable resources to the University community. For a listing of religious communities close to campus as a service to students at the University of Texas at Austin click here. .